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Food Services

 What’s coming in 2017-2018?


  • Back to School Night and PTA  Meet & Greet

    Chartwells Staff looks forward to meeting the parents and guardians of our K12 Customers by attending back to school night and PTA meetings throughout the district.

    We will have samples of a variety of items, including some new meals appearing on the lunch menus for the new school year.

  • Back to School--- Back to Basics

Beginning with September’s lunch menus you will see SIMPLY GOOD FOODS!

Fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables ~ All menus, every day, will offer fresh seasonal whole fruits and vegetables.

Fresh made/homemade soups, sauces and gravies.

Boar’s Head All Natural deli meats for sandwiches and salads.

Vegetarian and Vegan snacks and meals will be available.

Organic milk, sushi, paninis and smoothies to name just a few additions.

  • Refresh!

A fresh new look for serving lines and lunch rooms!

All new vibrant food art and welcoming customized signage will be displayed in each school.

All new displays, small wares and packaging will brighten up all of the cafeterias and service lines.

  • Farmers Market / Farm to School

Local farmers partner with Chartwells staff and Fair Lawn educators to bring a real life farmers market experience to the K-5 students.

This event encompasses Chartwells philosophy of Eat.Learn.Live.

Local farmers donate fresh produce from their locally grown crops and provide supporting literature about where the foods at our market come from.

Students will be given fictional money and guided through the market to “purchase” as much produce as their money will allow.

The young shoppers will also have the opportunity to sample some of the fresh produce on display.


October through June

  • You have to taste this!

Samplings of new menu items in every school.

Students will have the opportunity to taste our chef’s deliciously prepared quinoa, buffalo broccoli, Vegetarian chili or sautéed zucchini BEFORE they see it on their plate.

  • Chef’s Table

    The High School and Middle Schools will look forward to this “once a week treat”.

    Chartwells talented chefs will prepare a special meal at the “Chef’s Table” (in addition to the meals on menu). Two sample Chef’s Table menus are:

    Marinated skirt steak, rosemary roasted potatoes and orange glazed carrots.

    Teriyaki chicken, vegetable fried rice and oriental vegetables.  

    No matter what the menu is that day, it is sure to be an amazingly delicious treat for all.

    ^The Chef’s Table is a second hot meal offered once per week at the Premium Meal price:
    $4.25 for High School students / $4.00 for Middle School students and $0.40 for reduced price students and free for eligible students.

    September through June

  • Meet the Chef

Our K-12 consumers will meet with Chartwells district Chefs. Students at all levels are invited to meet with Chartwells Chefs and the Director to ask questions, give feedback about their lunch room experiences and voice their opinions during the bi-annual Youth Advisory Committee meetings in fall and spring.

During these meetings, Chartwells Associates meet  our most valuable consumers…Fair Lawn’s K-12 students. This is a time for students to give their input and share ideas about the recipes they would like see in their lunch rooms and on their lunch plate. We value the opinions of all of our students and, if reasonable and feasible, will implement student requests on future menus.


As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to this year and Chartwells is happy to bring it all to you.

All of us on the Chartwells staff are looking forward to serving up a school year full of fun and great food!