Fair Lawn School District

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Business Office

The Business Office

Office: 201-794-5500 ext. 7001

Fax: 201-703-4630

Business Administrator/Board Secretary: Brooke Bartley

Assistant Business Administrator/Recording Secretary: Patricia Ratcliffe-Lee

Executive Confidential Secretary to Business Administrator: Sandy Logan

 Assistant to the Assistant Business Administrator:  Tom Veldran

 PURCHASING    Business Office Documents
 Purchasing/Accounting Supervisor:  Sandy Vicale    Purchasing  Manual (rev 4   2/25/2019)
 Accounts Payable Coordinator:  Lisa Annitti
     User Friendly Budget
     Budget Presentation
 Supervisor:  Bella Polanco 
 Payroll Clerk:  Patrizia Stellacci     Facility Use Application
 Benefits Coordinator:  Joanna Mickle    
     Open Public Records Request Form
     Donor Agreement Packet
 Budget/Accounts Coordinator:  Joan Paris    
 Business Aide:  Bob Greco    Requests for Proposals/Bids
          Food Service RFP Evaluation Committee Report
          RFP 1819-03 Naming Rights